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Motorola PRO 5550 PP Radio Miscellaneous Parts

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Motorola 3085875M04, 3085875M04: The 3085875M04 Motorola is a Replacement 12" Coiled Cable. The 3085875M04 is used with AAHMN9052 and AAHMN9053 Speaker Mics
$17.20 $22.00 You save: $4.80
Motorola 6880906Z54, 6880906Z54: The 6880906Z54 Motorola Basic Manual is used with radios listed below
Motorola 6881088C46, 6881088C46: The 6881088C46 Motorola Basic Manual is used with radios listed below
Motorola HLN9820A, HLN9820A, HLN9820: The HLN9820A is the Motorola Accessory Dust Cover
$57.50 $60.00 You save: $2.50
Motorola RKN4073B, RKN4073B, RKN4073A, RKN4073: The RKN4073B is the Motorola Cloning Cable and used with Waris Radio Series. The RKN4073B comes with instructions on how to clone and transfers programming information from one radio to another radio that has the same model and codeplug versions
Motorola RKN4074B, RKN4074B, RKN4074A, RKN4074, AARKN4074A: The RKN4074B is the Motorola Programming Test Cable and was previously known as AARKN4074
$314.00 $380.00 You save: $66.00
Motorola RKN4075C, RKN4075C, RKN4075A, RKN4075: The RKN4075C is the Motorola Ribless Programming Cable

Battery Distributors carries all miscellaneous parts for the PRO 5550 PP Portable Radio