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Motorola APX 4000 Li Radio Miscellaneous Parts

The 0378372A01 Motorola Thumb Screw is the replacement Screw for the APX and XPR Speaker Mics
$54.10 $73.00 You save: $18.90

Motorola BDN6783B, BDN6783B, BDN6783A, BDN6783: The BDN6783A Motorola Adapter features Threaded 3.5mm Port, Port Cover, Quick Disconnect and PTT


$59.90 $65.00 You save: $5.10

Motorola NNTN7869A, NNTN7869A, NNTN7869: The NNTN7869A Motorola Key Loader features 6 Pin Hirose Adapter to connect to the KVL4000 Keyloader for Programming and can be use with some 6 Pin Surveillance Kits


$93.70 $119.95 You save: $26.25

Motorola PMKN4012B, PMKN4012B, PMKN4012A, PMKN4012: The Motorola PMKN4012B Programming Cable is used with the MotoTRBO XPR, APX and SRX Radio Series



Motorola PMKN4013C, PMKN4013C, PMKN4013A, PMKN4013B, PMKN4013: The PMKN4013C Motorola Programming Cable is for Radio Test and Alignment of the APX, SRX and XPR Radio Series


$4.50 $6.00 You save: $1.50
Quick Disconnect with Clothing Clip. Used with Surveillance Earpieces. Transducer sold separately
$10.50 $15.50 You save: $5.00
Transducer Speaker. Used with Quick Disconnect and Surveillance Earpieces

Battery Distributors carries all miscellaneous parts for the APX 4000 Li Portable Radio