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Motorola APX 2000 Radio Miscellaneous Parts

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Motorola PMLN5903AD, PMLN5903D, PMLN5903A, PMLN5903B, PMLN5903C, PMLN5903: The PMLN5903D Motorola Housing features Full Keypad, Front Only Housing, M3 Model and is for APX 2000 and APX 4000 Radio's. Does NOT inclued Label or Back


Motorola PMLN5907D, PMLN5907D, PMLN5907A, PMLN5907B, PMLN5907C, PMLN5907: The PMLN5907D Motorola Housing Kit features Limited Keypad, Front Housing, M2 Model and is for APX 2000 Radio and APX 4000 Radio. Does NOT include Label or Back


Battery Distributors carries all miscellaneous parts for the APX 2000 Portable Radio