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Law Enforcement and Surveillance Digital Video Cameras

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The Mini Digital Video Camera is a great tool for Law Enforcement. The Mini Digital Video Camera helps Law Enforcement reduce liability and holding officers to accountability to their supervisors. The Mini Digital Video Camera comes with 2GB of storage space, 360 Rotational Clothing Clip, On/Off Button, Sound Trigger Switch, Also can be used as a Mini Web Cam, Built In Rechargeable Lithium Battery, USB Plug for use with computer or recharging, Silicone Protection Outer Case, Strap, SD Card and Separate Mount. The Mini Digital Video Camera measures 2 1/8" x 5/8" x 3/4"

Battery Distributors carries the smallest Mini Digital Video Cameras and the best online pricing. The Law Enforcement Mini Video Cameras helps keep the incidents fresh in mind and making it easier to capture every detail and not rely on mental recall

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