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Discontinued Items

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Motorola 2605898U01, 2605898U01: The 2605898U01 Motorola PA Shield can be viewed with Inset photo #49 for picture and location
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Motorola 3375076C48, 3375076C48: The 3375076C48 is the Motorola RDU4100 Radio Nameplate

Motorola 36009257001, 36009257001: The 36009257001 Motorola Volume Control Knob for use with APX XE Radio Series


Item is now discontinued.  Motorola NMN6272A, NMN6272A, NMN6272: The NMN6272A Motorola Speaker Mic features IMPRES Technology, Dual Mic, Swivel Clip, D Ring, Volume Toggle, Emergency Button, 3.5 Threaded Accessory Port, Built to Mil-Std 810G Military Specs, Windporting, Large PTT and is Designed to work with the XTS Radio Series



MOTOROLA PMLN5880A, PMLN5880A, PMLN5880: The PMLN5880A Motorola Plastic Holder features Sturdy Hard-Plastic, Fits all Battery Sizes, 3" Belt Clip and is designed to protect large display by facing it Inward. The Universal Plastic Holder is designed to support the APX 6000 XE Dual Display Portable Radio Models 1.5, 2.5, and 3.5